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To help streamline the management of patients in the eye emergency department


Last updated: February 2021

Guidelines (Microbial Conjunctivitis)

Last Updated: Feb 2021

Guidelines (Dacryocystitis)

Last Updated: March 2022

*Please complete an INCIDENT REPORTING FORM for all local (BMEC) endophthalmitis cases*

Guidelines (Exogenous Endophthalmitis)

Guidelines (Endogenous Endophthalmitis)

Coventry PCR Request Form

UCL London Histology Request Form

Intravitreal Medications Preparation Guide (coming soon)

Video demonstration [how to perform vitreous tap and intravitreal antibiotics (using pig eye models)]

Video demonstration [how to prepare intravitreal ceftazidime]

Video demonstration [how to prepare intravitreal dexamethasone]

Last Updated: October 2020

Guidelines (Giant Cell Arteritis)

Temporal Artery Biopsy Guidance

Please complete and email TAB request form to Lauren/Daya on the same day steroids is started for the patient. Remember to consent the patient as well.

Last Updated: Dec 2020

Form (Neurology Inpatients Referral) - Intranet Link

Last Updated: May 2021

Guidelines (RCOphth Ocular Oncology 2020)

Please be aware the referral email to Liverpool has been updated to the following choices:

Last Updated: Feb 2021

Guidelines (Ocular Toxoplasmosis)

Last Updated: 2017

Guidelines (Optic Neuritis)


Last Updated: October 2020

Stroke Pathway

Guidelines (TIA Referral Pathway)

TIA Referral Form

• Any patient with suspected stroke / acute onset homonymous hemianopia (HH) – contact stroke team (bleep 6020) or switchboard for advice.

• Retinal arterial occlusion / incidental homonymous hemianopia – refer to TIA clinic

• Do not need a formal visual field tests if HH is clinically apparent on confrontational test

**IMPORTANT to put your (referrer) contact details appropriately for feedback**

• **Please copy and paste medisoft information on UNITY and send a copy with the referral**

• TIA referral forms as above – email based on patient’s main hospital (postcode):


• For patients from other trusts:

UHB Trust: See attached form/email (*please contact their oncall team before referral - details in the form*)

Dudley Group: See attached form/email

Worcestershire: See attached form/email

Walsall / Wolverhampton: See attached form/


Last Updated: July 2021

Visual Field Referral Pathway