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To help streamline the management of patients in the eye emergency department

Guidelines, SOPs and Forms: Inventory

Last updated: February 2021

Guidelines (Microbial Conjunctivitis)

Last Updated: Feb 2021

Guidelines (Dacryocystitis)


Last updated: April 2023

Emergency Theatre (General) SOP

Emergency Theatre (Children) SOP - further information for children but follow Emergency Theatre (General) SOP first

Last Updated: Dec 2022

*Please complete an INCIDENT REPORTING FORM for all local (BMEC) endophthalmitis cases*

Guidelines (Exogenous Endophthalmitis)

Guidelines (Endogenous Endophthalmitis)

Coventry PCR Request Form

UCL London Histology Request Form

Intravitreal Medications Preparation Guide (coming soon)

Video demonstration [how to perform vitreous tap and intravitreal antibiotics (using pig eye models)]

Video demonstration [how to prepare intravitreal ceftazidime]

Video demonstration [how to prepare intravitreal dexamethasone]

How to order vitreous sample?

Once vitreous sample is sent off to our local microbiology department, you can email to inform them of the urgent sample (all samples are sent to our City Hospital Lab that get sent to New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton every hour during working hours)

Last Updated: October 2020

Guidelines (Giant Cell Arteritis)

Temporal Artery Biopsy Guidance

Please complete and email TAB request form to Lauren/Daya on the same day steroids is started for the patient. Remember to consent the patient as well.

Last Updated: Dec 2020

Form (Neurology Inpatients Referral) - Intranet Link

Last Updated: Dec 2022

Guidelines (RCOphth Ocular Oncology 2020)

Please be aware the referral email to Liverpool has been updated to the following choices:

Last Updated: Feb 2021

Guidelines (Ocular Toxoplasmosis)

Last Updated: 2017

Guidelines (Optic Neuritis)


Last Updated: October 2020

Stroke Pathway

Guidelines (TIA Referral Pathway)

TIA Referral Form

• Any patient with suspected stroke / acute onset homonymous hemianopia (HH) – contact stroke team (bleep 6020) or switchboard for advice.

• Retinal arterial occlusion / incidental homonymous hemianopia – refer to TIA clinic

• Do not need a formal visual field tests if HH is clinically apparent on confrontational test

**IMPORTANT to put your (referrer) contact details appropriately for feedback**

• **Please copy and paste medisoft information on UNITY and send a copy with the referral**

• TIA referral forms as above – email based on patient’s main hospital (postcode):


• For patients from other trusts:

UHB Trust: See attached form/email (*please contact their oncall team before referral - details in the form*)

Dudley Group: See attached form/email

Worcestershire: See attached form/email

Walsall / Wolverhampton: See attached form/


Last Updated: April 2023

Visual Field Referral Urgent Pathway

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