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First contact: VR fellow oncall

Monday: Consultant 1(Mr Mitra) Consultant 2 (Mr Tyagi)

Tuesday: Consultant 1 (Mr Tyagi) Consultant 2 (Mr Mitra)

Wednesday: Consultant 1 (Mr Lett) Consultant 2 (Mr Ch'ng / Mr Sharma)

Thursday: Consultant 1 (Mr Sharma) Consultant 2 (Mr Lett)

Friday: Consultant 1 (Mr Ch'ng) Consultant 2 (Mr Lett)

Weekends: VR fellow on-call then VR consultant on-call

  • Any new retinal detachments (whether macular on or macular off) seen in the eye casualty have to be discussed with the VR fellow oncall so that we are aware of the patient. Please document who you discussed with on Medisoft. After that, all documents are placed in the VR tray with the VR referral form and will be collected by our VR coordinator or VR fellows.

  • All patients have to be given a retinal detachment patient information leaflet.

  • Please record the patient's most updated telephone number.

  • DO NOT give a timeframe for the patient or promise them any time/date unless advised by the VR fellow.

Relevant Guidelines:

Endophthalmitis (Exogenous)

Endophthalmitis (Endogenous)

VR Referral Form

Vitreoretinal Surgery: Service
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