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  • Acute Angle Closure should be treated according to the local SOP which in present in A&E. If in any doubt, please contact the Glaucoma Fellow available for advice for that week.

  • Patients having high pressures should be reviewed in A&E within reasonable timeframe (i.e. 1week) to check their pressure as a failsafe.

  • All referrals to the Glaucoma Service after discussing with senior Clinician/Consultant in A&E should go to the Glaucoma Basket ( Located behind the reception desk in the main waiting area. Please ask a nurse to show you where this is if you are unsure)

  • Any urgent cases which require immediate attention should be consulted with the Consultant in A&E / Consultant on call and then discuss with the Glaucoma Fellow if required to be seen in the service.

  • Any urgent cases during the weekend should be treated with the advice of the on call consultant & then discussed with the available fellow Monday Morning.

  • A rota for the available Glaucoma Fellow for advice (09.00 -17.00) will be available at the pre triage desk in A&E.

Consultant Fellow Available for Advice:

Monday : Mr Masood fellow

Tuesday: Mr Nessim fellow / Ms Fizza Mushtaq

Wednesday: Ms Fizza Mushtaq available by phone at Sandwell.

Thursday : Mr Pandey fellow

Friday: Mr Sung fellow

Relevant Guidelines:

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