For any neuro-ophthalmology queries during the weekdays from 8am to 7pm, the neuro-ophthalmology fellows in Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital can be contacted for advice if necessary. They can be contacted by getting in touch with QE hospital switchboard and asking for the neuro-ophthalmology fellow on-call. Following the advice, they may sometimes take over the patient and be sent to QE hospital for further management.

As before Ms Lidia Alvarez or Mr Mohammed Nassr are around for advice when necessary and have daily clinics in BMEC. Please continue to follow the specific neuro-ophthalmology guidelines.

For all patients that are referred to neuro-ophthalmology please continue to leave the notes in the 'neuro-ophthalmology' basket in eye casualty for patient tracing and document where the patient is being referred/accepted as well as fellows or consultants who were contacted on the day. 

It is mandatory to document in Unity for every patient that is sent urgently from eye casualty to other specialties in City Hospital/ admitted under medics. This is to ensure adequate urgent hand over to other specialties in the hospital that do not use medisoft. To do this in Unity, click on to the patient's name, then documentation (on the left hand side of the panel), click add and choose ophthalmology note. This can then be copied/pasted from Medisoft to the free text in Unity.

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