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All the updated management guidelines for common ophthalmological cases

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All the relevant and updated patient information leaflets that are easily printable for your patients.


A list of contact details for advice for specific subspecialties.

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Learning materials related to eye emergency conditions to improve yourself.



Update: November 2022

Please follow the guidance as below:

Neuro-Ophthalmology Referrals to QEH



Before arranging for a follow up, think of "how, when and where the patients will be best followed up?" 

Patients can be followed up by 5 methods:

  1. Refer to a subspecialty service for review in their clinic.

  2. Back to their local hospital (see patient postcode) - ask reception to email urgent Medisoft entry/letter to arrange appointment - (Email List of Local Hospital generic email for follow up arrangements - coming soon) 

  3. Primary Care Follow Up (PCFU) Clinic (2-4 weeks). 

  4. Follow Up (FU) Clinic if need to be seen within 1 week (see SOP)

  5. ED main shop floor as walk-in if need to be seen the next 1-3 days (NEED CONSULTANT APPROVAL)

Please indicate on Medisoft and advised patient to go to the reception desk to make the relevant appointment as well as ticking on the sheet note for ED review / FU / PCFU / subspecialist clinic review / refer back to local hospital.

Click here for guide on how to arrange specific follow up timeline and clinics to go to for all conditions if required.

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Slit Rec is a simple device that can assist taking photo for whatever your view on the slit lamp (anterior segment but also post segment using Volk lenses) using your own mobile phone. Sometimes you need to adjust the fixings of the device to get a good photo. There are 4 fitted in the respective rooms (ED2, Eye Ward second room, OPD Area 3 Room 1 and Sandwell Room 6). 

For data governance, we ask you to take the photos only using the MS Teams mobile app so that photos will not be stored in your device. Attached below is a simple guide on how to use.

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The answers on how to work out the common logistic issues in the eye casualty department

Covid 19

Please ensure this SOP is adhered to at all times while working in the Eye ED.



Write to us to let us know of any help you need while working in Eye ED. Any suggestions to improve the department is greatly appreciated as well.

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